Ohio Timber Buyer

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We strive to make the process for selling us your trees hassle free, and to maximize the value you receive.

The owner of the company is an Amish gentleman who has been buying and processing timber for over forty years. He will treat you and your property with integrity and respect. He has a sawmill and a crew of conscientious Amish timber harvesters who fell, trim and load the trees for transport to the mill. There are no middlemen or brokers involved in the process, so you receive top dollar.

We do “select cutting” only, i. e. we only purchase and cut mature trees. We buy hardwoods only. Walnut, white oak, red oak, wild cherry, and hard maple are the species with the highest values, but any hardwoods work. We do not buy pine, spruce, cedar or locust. We can sometimes buy yard trees, but only if they are in close proximity to, and included with, a woods.

The first step in the process is for us to visit your woods. We will measure the mature trees to determine the number of board feet in each tree, and make a list by type of wood, because each type has a different value. We will total the board feet by type, apply the current price for that type, add it all up and tell you what we can pay for your trees. There is no cost for this service.

If you decide to accept our offer for your trees, you will receive a written agreement to buy, with the price specified. At that time, you will also receive payment for one half the total price for the woods. We will pay you the balance of the total purchase price before the first tree is cut, so you need not be concerned about someone taking your trees and not paying you for them.

Call us to receive a free evaluation of your woods and a cash offer.